Fresh Jewelry Anti-Theft Software - Antit-heft protection, Inventory control for jewelry

Jewellery software - anti-theft protection, anti-theft system for watch’s and jewelry shops, boutiques.

 The jewelry software system, protection is an ideal setting for jewelry stores, watch’s shops and optician’s stores as well as for shopping islands inside the shopping malls. Our unique Fresh jewelry software, system is going to do its best to protect the items in a free layout by using a RFID technology, RFID readers, RFID tags and our personal software. This is an innovative solution of anti-theft protection may be used not only on the small shopping islands in the shopping malls using a high level of traffic and where it’s difficult to monitor the safety of goods for retailers but also it can be used in big stores and boutiques. The devices that constantly monitor the products of commercial value these are known as RFID readers. They read each unit several times per second. RFID readers can be on the shelves or above them, concealed inside the ceilings or in other decorative panels.

RFID Function "Smart Shelf᾿

  Our unique Fresh Jewelry Software has the function of the smart shelf. The system warns about the attempted theft in case if a good with embedded RFID tag is moved far from the shelf, shop-window, counter, more than the distance that is setup in the anti-theft system. For example , you can setup the length of 1, 2, 3 meters in the settings, the distance indicates that a good is extracted from a shelf for this distance as well as the alarm signal alerts. Concurrently in the computer there will be a popped message, noting that you’ve had an attempted theft and an item information and mentioning the shelf where the good was taken. This technology has the name of the "smart shelf᾿

RFID tags, labels for jewelry, watches, glasses and other goods and products of commercial value

The jewelry, watches, glasses and other goods are equipped with special RFID tags, if they are removed in unauthorized manner, they are self-destroyed. Therefore , RFID tag / chip becomes useless and is not read by the system, lost out of field of action of RFID reader and thus the alarm signal alerts. In this Fresh Jewelry Software other generally accepted tags can be utilized: sensors, labels, stickers, tags of any manufacturers as well as for different types of goods. The main condition is that they should conform to the standard of RFID UHF.

The extra measures for antitheft protection for jewelry pieces and other products of commercial value

If the felons try to switch off the machine or any element of the system, the signal will be also alerted. Herewith the Fresh Jewelry Software can block automatically the door locks, turnstiles and send the warning message to the control panel of the security. The system shows on the screen where the accident happened, what RFID reader was switched off, what exit was blocked etc . Each one of these parameters can be activated or deactivated in the system settings using the correspondent account of the user.

When you have any kind of inquiries with regards to where along with the best way to make use of, you possibly can e-mail us in our web site. Fresh Jewelry Inventory Software of jewelry pieces, watches, glasses and other products of commercial value

The most convenient addition to a jewelry antitheft protection product is a mobile inventory function. In the jewelry antitheft system there is a RFID inventory which allows to execute the full inventory within minutes by a manual mobile RFID reader. You can connect a mobile RFID reader to the Fresh Jewelry Software and upload all the necessary data into the reader. You can perform reading of RFID tags of the correspondent goods and check its correspondence. You can also download the inventory data back into the Fresh Jewelry Software and develop a report.

  The distinctive top features of Fresh jewelry  software, anti-theft protection system for jewelry pieces, watches, glasess along with other goods from other common anti-theft systems.

- no false alarms (these errors are impossible in RFID technology);

- it’s functioning without staff assistance;

- it automatically blocks the doors, turnstiles and other locking systems;

- an automatic alert to the security control panel and to police;

- it’s based on RFID technology and own software;

- a "Smart shelf᾿ RFID technology;

- a possibility of prompt mobile stock-taking option utilizing a manual RFID reader;

- a safe security system for jewelry, watch stores, optician’s stores and also for shopping islands in the shopping malls.

Our jewelry anti-theft software,  protection system can be used for museums along with other warehouses of material assets.
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